Monday, April 4, 2011


Are you ready?!
This is for all my Victory Outreach Folks: are you making a way to conference or are you letting little things get in the way and saying "I'll make it next time?".
You need to get your bags packed, get a plane ticket, or find a car to get you there- no matter what.
World Conference will IMPACT your life.
You will be impacted, excited, encouraged, recharged, and so many other adverbs that I am too excited to work out on "paper" right now.
The first thing when you go to conference is that you will realize that God has hand picked you for this ministry. He has called you out of the world, into his light. You will see that you have a hope and a plan for the future here. God will give you a word for your life, maybe even your calling. Things will be revealed to you through the speakers, the music, the messages that you may have never thought of before. You will see that God has a plan for your life an wants to use you in a higher capacity.
The second thing that will be revealed to you is that you are not the ONLY one! When you are there in the sea of people from all over the world worshiping in different languages and dialects, you will truly see the brevity of reaching the world. You will want your family there with you, your brothers and sisters and mom and dad. You will want to share the message of Jesus with them because you will not only want them saved, but you want them to do more than they are doing now.
You will see just how far into the corners of the world our ministry goes, in to the almost literal depths of hell, to take back what the enemy has stolen and to bring the peace of the Lord into the highways, the byways, the lost the desolate cities.

So if you have been making excuses and reasons not to go, you need to flip the script and start making plans and arrangements to get yourself and your family there. Don't wait until "next time" God has a diving appointment with you THIS TIME.
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