Wednesday, April 13, 2011

doing something useful

I finally found a use for the scrapbook paper that I have hanging around!

I made cash envelopes for the Dave Ramsey program. The ones that come with the kit are pretty basic and meet your needs, but I got a new wallet and the system did not fit with the spiral that is on it. I cut the envelopes off the spiral, not realizing that they were going to fall apart! oops!

I found numerous ideas online, but they were all from men so they stuck to the same old manila envelope based system that was so drab and boring. My new wallet is pink and girly (Thanks Elly!) I got it for my birthday and needed to represent some pink frilly cuteness- manila was not going to cut it...
so I cut my own

(yes, a $10 is all that I have in there)

I found a template online (free) for do it yourself envelopes and printed it on pretty paper to make my envelopes more festive and fun.
Hopefully this will motivate me to use them more often.

I used regular paper, not heavy-weight card stock, so I am sure I will need to make more in the very near future but I don't have all the materials to score and hole punch with the pros.

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