Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get mudded

Corey and I along with friends from church, his dad, brother and Uncle completed our first Warrior Dash! This was also my very first 5K. I was motivated by a friend of mine that did one earlier. Her family and mine were very much involved in Advocare (wonderful products!) and I needed the motivation to get back into shape after Finn, my crusher. 

I am still over my pre-preg weight and wasn't feeling so great about it. Bring on the mud!

We had so much fun we are already signed up for another one in March and are going to (actually) train for a Spartan in May. Our goal is to get ready for a Tough Mudder. That is a 12 miles (half-marathon?) But I say give me a good year for that one. 

So for Christmas, we cancelled our Dish subscription and are going to get a YMCA membership so Lily can dance, momma can Zumba and daddy can pump some iron.

 Of course, this is what we saw when we pulled in. We decided not to call Corey's mom at that moment in case she told us all to come home instead.

 They have a beard contest which my husband and Father- In- Law were sure to win, had they actually stayed to enter.
 The mud and the metal proves I finished 
 This is my friend from church that joined me. She started running before this and lost 30 lbs in the year leading up to this, I am proud and motivated by and of her!
 Yes, we washed off in a truck of water hosing the crowd. And it was cold. But clean (ish)
 We did it!
The proud men
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