Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get mudded

Corey and I along with friends from church, his dad, brother and Uncle completed our first Warrior Dash! This was also my very first 5K. I was motivated by a friend of mine that did one earlier. Her family and mine were very much involved in Advocare (wonderful products!) and I needed the motivation to get back into shape after Finn, my crusher. 

I am still over my pre-preg weight and wasn't feeling so great about it. Bring on the mud!

We had so much fun we are already signed up for another one in March and are going to (actually) train for a Spartan in May. Our goal is to get ready for a Tough Mudder. That is a 12 miles (half-marathon?) But I say give me a good year for that one. 

So for Christmas, we cancelled our Dish subscription and are going to get a YMCA membership so Lily can dance, momma can Zumba and daddy can pump some iron.

 Of course, this is what we saw when we pulled in. We decided not to call Corey's mom at that moment in case she told us all to come home instead.

 They have a beard contest which my husband and Father- In- Law were sure to win, had they actually stayed to enter.
 The mud and the metal proves I finished 
 This is my friend from church that joined me. She started running before this and lost 30 lbs in the year leading up to this, I am proud and motivated by and of her!
 Yes, we washed off in a truck of water hosing the crowd. And it was cold. But clean (ish)
 We did it!
The proud men
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Where is your heart

Our Pastor has been preaching a series on the heart of man and it is speaking volumes to me, and in those I see around me.
Out church is in a major transition right not: we are renting a ballroom on Thursday and Sunday service dates until we get our building. Ministries are rearranged, we have kids in the back of the sanctuary with a curtain between us and them!

There are great things that are coming out of this though. 
 Our children are learning to worship with their parents because they come in during the praise and worship portion of service. My girls come home singing songs that I sing at church (being a worship leader, they know more church song than many kids anyway). 

People are learning to work, or remembering how. People are connecting with others in a personal way because we have to.

We are evangelizing like we used to...the message of hope is going out into the city of Austin...which is the most important part!

But in all of this, there are those that don't see what God is doing. They see what he is "not " doing for them. Or what the church isn't doing for them. Some people have lost their love for the church because their heart is only full when they are In a position of leadership. 

These people forgot that leaders are servants. 

Some people have not only left the church, but actually discipled people to themselves and taken people with them. You can tell where their heart is: on themselves and chasing after a trophy.

Are you sold out for the ministry and church God has you in, or do you only love it when you are in a position of influence or when you are noticed?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breakfast challenge con't

We are in week 2 of the breakfast challenge.
So far, eh. I keep forgetting I am making a change.

So I put a reminder in my kitchen.
1. Get kids in bed/tucked in/prayers/read story by 10:00pm
2. Wake up at least 1 hour before they do
3. Meal planner (this is a must must must)
4. Coffee in the morning (not really a must, but a strong desire)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 1 of the Breakfast Challenge

Well, I am not doing to well with rising before the kids, so I am going another way:

Going to be earlier!

I am trying to get the kids in bed by 9 (failed last night) 
and get myself in bed (asleep) by 11. That gives me 2 hours to myself to prepare for the morning, clean, read my word, spend time with hubby etc.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Breakfast Challenge

Some things I am starting today:
Waking up BEFORE the kids. I was hoping this would mean 1-2 hours before them (ie 6:30 or 7am).
For some reason, I can't seem to get up when the alarm goes off. I think it is because I don't HAVE to.
I dont HAVE to punch a clock, drop anyone off or be anywhere at any set time in the mornings so I don't make it a priority to be up early.

And it shows.

One of the blogs I am following is starting a morning challenge that I am determined to participate in.

Sure enough, as I am trying to get this blog typed up so I can follow my own progress, the kids are asking to be fed, for milk and a cup. Which is frustrating because the baby is sleeping on the bed and I don't want him to be woken up because I can't fix breakfast yet because I am nursing him, but then the 2 year old is crying that she is hungry, and I did not finish the blog because I was interrupted and they are already pulling toys out of the room...

It goes on and on and on and if I start the day frustrated by little people instead of calmed by The Holy Spirit, my whole day seems off. Not to mention I need to start preparing myself for homeschooling Lily in the fall.

So today is day 1 of rising before the kids. It may not have been early, but it was still before they got up! Pin It

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finn's Birth Story

Wow- Finn is 5 weeks already and I have not posted his birth story or a photo.
Blame it on chasing 3 kids.

Well, as we all know, my little man was a few days late making his grand entrance. My due date was 3/7/12 which was a Wednesday. I went to work after having some morning contractions and some cramping. When I got home around 3:30, I had some bloody show, which was exciting but I also knew it could mean a few days still. My appointment was the next day and I had a basic check up but my midwife said the show usually meant 3 days. She did say that could vary. So I waited and my body did nothing. All weekend long I just had a bit of show each day, but no more contractions.
Monday I texted my midwife and asked what I could do to get things moving. She of course said- walk, sex, walk, rest. Then she sent me to the herb bar for a labor tincture. We picked it up around 5:30 and I took a dose in the car. Then we went to the store and picked up some dinner stuff and chocolate milk for the girls. By the time we got home I noticed some cramping and lower heaviness. I made dinner and we watched Twilight and went walking around the block and I was noticing more cramping. We put the girls to bed and I took another dose of the tincture around 11pm and went to bed.

At 12:50am I woke up to Finn moving like crazy. And I was noticing contractions but I could not tell how strong they were or how long they were because he was moving too. I went to pee and told DH, who was in the shower, "don't waste all the hot water, we may need it". He laughed and said he was thinking that same thing. Somewhere in here, we both went to the kitchen and ate a bowl of cereal so I would have some energy. I was uncomfortable standing so. I laid down and waited an hour for Finn to quit moving so I could see how regular the contractions were. When DH came to bed around 1:30 I told him to go ahead and start timing them because I thought they were getting stronger. We timed them for about 30 minutes and they got stronger and were consistently 5 minutes apart and about 90 seconds long. DH decided to go ahead and call his mom and let her know so she could come get the girls. He got up and filled the pool up with water. My contractions kept coming and there was definite bloody show this time. 

The whole time I was comparing my labors to see how strong the contractions were. They were strong but not as strong as I remembered them before. But then I had two in a row that doubled or came back to back and I called my midwife because I knew I was in active labor then.

Around 2:15am I had forgotten that I needed to go do my Hibicleans since I was GBS positive. I went to the bathroom and had contractions and diarrhea. It was so weird because I had not experienced that with my girls. I was telling DH it was so strange and gross. As soon as I was done in the bathroom I went back to the bed an laid out again to try to relax. I heard my MIL get the girls and a bit later the midwife got there. She came to the bed and asked how I was doing. I told her that I did the hibicleans and basically emptied my bowels. Then I had another contraction and my water broke. Again- I did not experience that with my girls so I was shocked a bit and unsure what to do! My bed had been prepped for labor so I wasn't worried about it getting ruined because there were plastic sheets in layers under my sheets. I laughed and said "am I going to leak with every contraction?" Sure enough, with the next contraction, water came out- making me very uncomfortable. My MW checked me and I was at a 6-7cm, but he was still at -3 station, super high up! My MW wanted to see how far along I was because of the GBS and me opting not to have the antibiotics. By this time, DH was having to come rub my back for me as the contractions were strengthening. After 2-3 more contractions like this, I was almost confused as to whether I should stay there or get in the tub. I went ahead and got in the tub, which was wonderfully warm. And also, my MW said that the pool is another way to keep from GBS transmitting to the baby. 

"The solution to pollution is dilution" -Mary Barnett CNM

As I got into position leaning over the tub, the contractions really started working. They were never on top of each other, but each one was long and strong. DH was pressing on my sacrum for all he could and I kept telling him "harder". This time I could actually feel my body opening up and Finn moving down. I actually used the visualization to refocus with each contraction and think about him moving down and out because he was so high still. After what seemed like only 6 good contractions I really felt pressure and when the midwives started assembling their gear I knew that we did not have long to go. The intensity was much more than I recalled from my second labor and even DH said afterwards he knew I was working much harder this time because I was more vocal. (He said when I started saying "Oh God" he knew Finn was on his way LOL) At this time, I was praying in between contractions for him to move on fast and let's get this over with.

The entire time I was having contractions, I would get a tremor before hand which I recalled from my book as happening to moms in transition, so basically as soon as my water broke, my body was moving to transition. It was hard to relax when my body was shaking and my teeth were chattering, but we made light of it so I was thinking positive about it.

As the contractions changed to the pushing type, I let out a squealing scream because he moved down so fast that everything stretched all at once and there was lots and lots of pressure. He was out in 3 pushes, but I had to wait for each contraction because I could not push him out on my own (trust me, I tried pushing in between those contractions to get him to wiggle out and he just stayed there). I heard the Mary (my MW) tell me, "He is right here, I see his eyes, and his nose. Ok, his head is out- try to see if you can push the rest of him out." This was in between a contraction and I told them to stop moving him up because it hurt LOL but it was that his belly was bigger than his head and he was sitting there until the next contraction. I pushed with all I could to get his big ol' body out and had to rest and breathe a second before turning over so they could hand him to me. 

His cord was short so I could not get him all the way up to my chest like I wanted to so after they wrapped him up and he cried some we got out of the pool and went to the bed. I was still having the the tremors and shakes so I had DH hold my leg for me LOL. The cord took forever to quit pulsing and I could not nurse him yet because the cord was so short. After DH cut the cord, I pushed out the placenta and moved around in the bed to nurse him. He latched right on and ate for 2 hours! 
He was all checked out fine, AGPAR of 9. My MW checked me and I really did expect some tear, but she told the other midwife to come look because she said it did not even look like I had a baby at all. No tearing, no bruising, nothing. (3 days later, I did end up with the return of the hemorrhoid that I got with the girls too though)

Born at 4:43 am after less than 4 hours of labor, pushed for 9 minutes

My midwives were so in awe of Corey who is just the greatest dad and birthing coach ever. They said I made labor look easy, but I told DH- YOU make having babies easy and I could not have done this without him and his superman love!

He was 1 lb bigger than my girls and almost 2" longer 

We are so in love with him I just can't believe I was worried about loving 3 kids equally, but I already do. My girls are just smitten with him and I am excited to start raising my 3 kids and having more family outings and such. Pin It

Monday, April 16, 2012


100_5017 by rideswithchrist

So, I scoured the internet for more date recipes and came across quite a few Lara Bar hacks. I officially got better at making granola bars and originally was trying to incorporate the dates to a recipe, but decided to go this no-baking route instead.

I did NOT measure anything, just eyeballed it and tossed it around until it would hold, but this is basically what I did:

1cup almonds
10 whole dates
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1/4 bar of organic 70% chocolate, broken into small pieces

First, pulse the almonds until fine. I left chunks because it was just so darn loud and I have a sleeping baby that I was not about to wake up for some sweets. (I have to admit, when I use the processor or blender he seems to fall asleep though)
Remove almonds from the food processor and add the dates. *YOU MUST REMOVE THE PITS FIRST* Basically, peel the tiny pit out of the center, you will get sticky but don't worry- you will get stickier later.
Pulse as well as you can to dice. You will end up with a big date clump. It looks pretty cool going 'round and round!

I broke up the date clump and distributed it around the processor. Add almonds back and whirl until mixed up. Then add everything else and turn it on for a few minutes to really mix everything around. It will look crumbly, but as soon as you grab a spoonful and mash, it will stick together nicely, if press harder- j/k, add more dates (chop them separately).

Mash into balls, give kids each one, then hide them and tell them they are all gone- or they will eat them all when you are cleaning everything up.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Banana Magic Muffins

This is my version of the Malt-o-Meal Magic Muffins. The originals are slightly dry and Corey does not like them much so I added my own stuff to it.

3/4 C dry Malt-o-Meal
3/4 C Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 C flour
1 banana (very ripe)
1/2 C agave or honey
3/4 C milk
1 egg
1/4 C oil (I used grapeseed)
1 TBS baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1tsb vanilla
1TBS vogurt
2 tsp chia seeds

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare cupcake or mini loaf pans.
Mix together the flours, salt, baking powder, malt-o-meal and chia seeds in a bowl. To your mixing bowl mash the banana well, add wet ingredients until well mixed. Add dry mix and stir until moistened.DO NOT OVERBEAT!
Fill pans 3/4 full and bake for 19 min or until browned and a toothpick inserted comes out clean. (in my oven, 15 minutes does it).

I serve mine with butter YUM!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Topponcino Sham

As promised, here is the sham or cover for the topponcino.

First, use your finished topponcino as the pattern. and place it over 2 layers of fabric. (1 yard folded in half) 
Make sure you have a 1/2" seam allowance. I trace it twice, once right at the topponcino so I know how big it is, then 1/2" out. I sew beween those marks because it needs to have dimension to cover the whole pillow, which is 3D really.

To make it more like a sham then a pillow case, you will need to make one of the 2 layers overlap itself by 1.5-2" (I think 2-3" would actually be better and will do that with the next one)
 Cut that longer/overlapped layer in half, then sew the edge in a seam. I made one seam 1/4" and one seam 1" just to make it look nicer. The larger seam will go over the smaller seam once turned right side out.

 Lay your (3) pieces together with RIGHT sides facing as if there were really only a front and a back. 
Remember that your split pieces should overlap each other, not match end to end.

This is how it will look, right sides together and whichever of the overlaps you want on the outside- put that one on the bottom.
 This is what I mean by tracing it twice; the inner line is the size of the actual pillow, the outer line is a seam allowance, then I sew in the middle of the two.
 (Um, make sure you put your pins the right way though- not like in the picture)

Sew around the entire thing with a regular straight stitch, then around again with a zig zag. (or if you have a serger- yeah, do that instead)

Flip it right side out, here is your pocket to insert the topponcino.

And here is the finished project, laying in the playpen.

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Topponcino DIY

A friend of mine recently had a baby and she proudly displayed her topponcino on Facebook. Which of course sent a pregnant me scouring the web 
trying to figure out what the heck it was!

A Topponcino is basically a security pillow/mattress for newborn babies. It lets you hold them and lay them down or pass them to a family member securely and they stay warm and cozy. 

Because we are really trying to keep Finn in his own bed this time around,
 I wanted to try it out.
 Plus the girls have already asked to hold him and this will keep his head and neck supported too.

Of course, there are no DIY directions to be found online, maybe because they are mainly for montessori schools and the teachers have to order a kit to know how to make them (or no one besides me and my friend are using them LOL)
I did not want to spend $35 on buying on on Etsy if I could DIY it- so I did.

These are the basic instructions I was given.
 From this I had to piece together a pattern and how much material I needed. 

Materials: cotton batting (1 queen quilt bat will make 4 topponcini)
 2 yards of cotton muslin (or other heavy cotton material)
 1 yard of 45” muslin, or other soft cotton material, to make the lining (the permanent cover)
 1 yard of cotton material for each sham
 Pattern, pencil, pins, needle, coordinating thread, sewing machine, rotary cutter & mat.

There are three parts to a Topponcino (the finished size is about 15” x 25”): 

The Layered Batting:
Place 5 layers of cotton batting on top of each other. Lay the pattern on top of the batting, pin in place, and cut. Place 4 layers of the muslin on top of each other. Lay the pattern on top of the cotton material, pin in place, and cut. Layer the cotton batting with alternating layers of the muslin (batting, muslin, batting, muslin, etc.), pin together, and whipstitch the edges
The Lining (permanent cover):
Place the pattern on two thicknesses of lining material. Trace (or hand-baste) around edge of pattern through both pieces of material (but not the pattern). Cut the material around the basting or tracing, adding a seam allowance (3/8 to 1/2 inch, or 1/4” if sewing by hand). Sew the two pieces together on the basted stitches, leaving an opening about 5
inches wide at one end. Remove any basting, and turn right side out. Gently roll layered batting lengthwise, slip it into the opening in the end, and adjust to fit snugly and evenly into the lining. Blanket stitch the opening securely. Tack through the entire topponcino in 5 places, by machine or hand (small bows may be used).
The Sham
For front of sham, place pattern on one thickness of material. Trace stitching line and cutting line from pattern onto fabric (cutting line is 5/8” from stitching line). Cut on cutting line and set aside. For back of sham, place pattern on two thickness of material. Trace stitching and cutting lines around 3/4 the length of the pattern, leaving off one end of the oval. Cut out fabric on cutting line. Separate the 2 pieces. Fold straight edge of each piece under 1/4”, press, and fold under another 2 1/2”, press and stitch across. To put the 3 pieces of the sham together, lay the front piece right side up on a table. With right sides together, lay one piece of the back on top of the front, matching the top curve. On top of this, lay the second piece of the back (also right sides together with the front), this time matching the bottom curve. The two back pieces will overlap about 6”. Pin edges of all 3 layers together. Stitch 5/8”seam. Trim seam and clip curves. Turn right side out. Insert the topponcino. The sham should fit snugly.

Here is how I made it, following the above instructions.
I bought 3 yards 45" muslin, 2 yards batting (the roll stuff, not the super thick poly that comes in a bag) 1 yard fabric for the sham, which I made today!

I made a rectangle pattern out of newsprint that was 25" x15".

Then I matched all 4 corners and rounded them to make the entire thing oblong.
Lay it over 5 layers of batting 
(I did a 2 and a 3 layer cut because my scissors would not go through all 5 layers without pulling the material.) 
Cut it TO SIZE- don't add a seam allowance.

Cut 4 layers of muslin also to size.

Then alternate the layers (PATTERN POWER as my 4 year old said)

It seems really thick, until you start to whipstich around the entire thing. Plop down infront of your favorite HGTV show and go to town. If you need to know what a whip stitch is, you can look it up. Basically it is a loop where your needle goes under the loop of thread again. 
I tried to take a good picture of it.


Using the inside of the topponcino as a new pattern, cut 2 layers of muslin. This time, you WANT a 1/2" seam allowance. Sew around it (I don't know if muslin has a right and wrong side, but you are going to turn it inside out, so leave a 8" gap in the fabric to turn and stuff. 

You will also sew closer to the outside of the seam allowance because this is a 3D mattress, so if you sew it the same size as the inner part- the cover you are making won't fit!

SEE: you will now roll and stuff the inside batting layers into the muslin case.

Don't forget to sew your opening shut

You will dart 5 places to hold the material all together and keep it from shifting.
This was actually the hardest part for me!

And you need a cover to make it pretty and to keep the baby drool off of it.

I don't think this is machine washable, I would recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry, like a duvet.

I will blog about the sham next. I did not have a pattern for that one, so I made it up (and am pretty proud of that actually)
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Finn's Mobile

So, here is the mobile we made for Finn. I contacted a lady on Etsy who custom made the disks for me. I  should have ordered twice as many so they were on each side of the string, but for a first time attempt, I don't think he will mind so much. 

First, Lily arranged the disks in a "pattern" (She wanted to help so bad, but I was working with hot glue so that was the only thing I could find for her to do.

The camera died after that, but I held a 2' length of fishing line in the middle of the strip and DH dotted some hot glue on the top and bottom to hold the string in place. This is where I wanted doubles, we could have just glued the disks together and no one would have seen the fishing line at all. 
Oh well...

I then wrapped the inner part of a wooden embroidery hoop with ribbon, dotting it with hot glue every few wraps to keep it tight.  

I finished it with a ribbon to hang it up and DH hung it from the ceiling with more fishing line (after I took this picture of course)

Overall, I was pretty happy with the way it turned out and it was the cheap modern mobile I wanted for his corner, with the gradation of color that is supposed to help them with their vison and seeing the differences in color.

BEST PART: Total Cost $ 6! 
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap

I am getting my frugal homemaker on. I noticed that the soap we have been using, while it smelled great, seemed to make Chloe's cloth diapers leak. 
I really don't want to spend the money on the fancy diaper soaps like Rocking Green or Charlies, so I decided to see if the basic homemade soap recipe would work.
Guess what- it made her diapers smell fresh again (when they are clean anyway.

I had to really search to find a recipe that was not the large, fill up my garage stash of soap. 
I found this recipe on another blog. 
She went through the trouble of working on the directions and taking pictures so I'll give the credit where it is due!

I used the small batch, which is
1/4 bar Ivory soap
1/2 C Washing Soda
1/8 C Borax

Then I mixed it all up in the left over Purex container I had (and pulled the stickers off to make my own labels)

And tomorrow after it gels, I will see if it is possible to get 1 cup poured through the top. 

Next stop in my frugal quest: homemade dishwashing liquid.

UPDATE after using it for a few loads:

My clothes are not softer so I need to look into the homemade softener, but they smell amazing. Even the cloth diapers have a fresh scent that I was not able to get with the store bought detergent.

 I do not care for the Ivory soap, but when it is combined with everything else, the clothes come out so fresh and clean smelling. I also added a few drops of Lavender Essential Oils to the last bit of the batch and it added to the wonderful clean smell. 

I will say that this smaller batch did not last as long as I would like, so I am going to go ahead and make the larger batch and store it so I don't have to keep making more every other week. Pin It

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Husbands love your wives, wives, honor your husbands

We had our Couple's Valentines dinner with the church at a very nice italian restaurant this past Sunday.
It was so refreshing to hear couples that are celebrating 10, 15,25, 48 years of marriage with their honey. In this world, divorce happens so quick because neither one is able to say their are sorry, or forego some of their own needs to love their spouse. Greed and selfishness has become the norm in society and there is a lack of love all over.
I am blessed to be part of a ministry that counsels and serves others so that love is shown to all who enter the doors. God is about love and loving your neighbor. If we are to love those around us, how much more should we love the very one that we share our lives and body with?

I love my husband. Sure, there are days when I don't understand what his logic is and I wish he would put the bag back when he takes the trash out. But I have to pick my battles and the very fact that he takes the trash out without fail every Monday should be enough for me to appreciate that the empty trash can (with no bag) means one less thing I have to do, because he has done it for me. 

So when I cook, I try to steer clear of things he does not like (mushrooms) to give him food that he enjoys and when he is happy I am happy. It is not only a happy wife that makes a happy home...

A happy marriage makes a happy home.
Are you happily married?
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For all you expectant moms, or have expecting friends!

Keeper of the Home and Simply Nurtured is having a Baby Shower Giveaway!
Simply go to the Simply Nurtured site and you can enter to win and bless another mother, or be blessed yourself.

Since Finn is due in the next 3 weeks maybe we will get a little blessing. Pin It

Saturday, January 21, 2012

End of the line

No, I am not loosing it, I am almost done baking this baby that's all. In less than 6 weeks, Finn should be here (unless he decides to be overdue, which is possible). In the last 2 days he has dropped which makes is so much easier to breathe, but makes standing and walking more painful as he is bumping and grinding everything in my lower region.

It is funny all the wives tales that come with each pregnancy. With Lily I was told - oh! you are gaining weight in your rear, it must be a boy. I gained weight head to toe, including 10 pounds of water weight that settled in my legs and feet and guess what: she is a GIRL.

With Chloe, I was told the same thing, and I carried her exactly the same, all the way around- I got wide before I got a belly and I had to take my ring off at 5 months and was in maternity clothing at 7 weeks because of bloat and wore only flat shoes after 5 months. Guess what- GIRL again.

This time however, the pregnancy was different; I could still wear my regular jeans, but they would not close over my belly. I am now 33.5 weeks and I still wear high heels and my wedding ring. I look the same as I did before pregnancy except I ate a watermelon that is protruding forward. I also can not wear any earrings right now, even the silver ones irritate my ears and I have mild heartburn all day long. Guess what: BOY...but none of the wives tales were true for me. 

I am wondering about labor. With Lily, I started very early labor at 5am with cramping, mild contractions  and some show. The cramping went on all day and labor started that evening. By 9pm I was contracting every 5 min, 1 min long. Lily was born at 4:24 am after 24 minutes of pushing. Straight up Textbook Labor.

Chloe kept us guessing however (pretty much her labor is like her personality)
Monday morning I had the same cramping and show that I had with Lily, so my MIL came for Lily thinking we were going to be in labor that day. After about 4 hours of contractions, they ended and nothing happened. My midwife told me to call her when I had 4 in a row that were really strong and I had to work with them...that I did not have. Tuesday morning at 3, they started again and woke me up. I was up rocking my ball timing contractions that were 3-6 minutes apart, lasting 60-90 seconds, but not really really strong. That went on for about 4 hours again and then stopped. So Corey and I went walking around, went to Kirby Lane Cafe for lunch and rested. 
Wednesday came with nothing major, except that it was 4/21 which equalled 7;  at church a guest pastor prophesied over Chloe that she would preach the word with conviction before her 7th birthday and he said there was more about the number 7 but we would have to pray about it and see. So we tried to stay busy and not get our hopes up. Around 12 I had more contractions so I went for a walk to see if they would stop (like they did the last 2 days) and they did not. They kept coming, and were seemingly more steady. We went to Central Market to pick up some stuff and sample food. I was contracting the whole time, but not too majorly. When we got home, I decided this was the day and we needed to go back to CM for some rehydration drinks that were on sale and protein bars because I figured labor would be long like with Lily. While there, I had 3 super hard contractions that made me stop and lean on DH- in the produce section, in the bread section and while checking out. I had 1 more when we got home so I called the Midwife, who came in about 45 minutes. When she got there she checked and asked how dilated I wanted to be (I was hoping at least 2-3 cm) she said "How about 7!". From there and feeling silly that I had called her "so early" Chloe was born 3 hours exactly 7pm.

So... what surprises does this little boy have for us. Stay tuned!

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