Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chloe Mae -our chunky glow worm!

Chloe is 2 months and wears a 3-6 month onesie already- topping out around 12.5-13 lbs. Her rolls almost are enough to hold her in an upright position already. But she is such a snuggler- she loves to be held close and will coo and talk and smile so big.
She loves her big sister and her sister loves her (almost too much as she wants to feed her goldfish crackers already)

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Itchy Scratchy no fun allergies

Day 2

I have sensitive skin, pretty much meaning everything chemical gives my hives in one form or another, including shampoo and water softened water. I have gotten used to my ears burning from non pure earrings or the rash that comes with the metals from pants and cheapo jewelry. I even became allergic to shrimp at around 18. I never thought my kids would have it worse than me! Lily loves anything red: tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon etc. But one of these is the cause of a major breakout resulting in an eczema like rash. Her lips and cheeks, neck, left side and butt exploded in a raw rash. Susie got some homeopathic silver gel from the Vitamin Shoppe that removed the redness and itching right away. I slathered her in that and Burt's Bees lotion everyday and it is getting much better, but I still don't know the cause of it. So we get to experiment-not that she is a guinea pig, but we have to find out what she is allergic to. So after her rash is gone we are going to eat some nice juicy watermelon and I am going to wait for a reaction. She looked so bad on the second day that we were glad Susie picked her up because we didn't want to take her to church looking so bad!
My poor baby-it is no fun being allergic to the foods you love. My hypothesis is that all the genetically modified foods that my husband and I consumed over the years caused these food resistances in her. I mean- when we were kids you were allergic to cedar and mold and pollen-not produce. This just backs up my thinking about eating organics and that the FDA is not always the wisest group when it comes to our health. These foods are being altered from their God created states for the sake of mass production and money and now my child can't eat them. I wonder if she can eat only Organic or if her body would reject that too....I will be updating on this venture.

This is after the Silver treatments- about 4 days later- it is much better but still flaky.
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