Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Allergy Update

So Lily got a rash again. Not early as bad as the one I posted about before, but still and obvious one. I took her to the doctor forfood allergy testing. He was sure it was not food related but did the test anyway. Sure enough-everything came back negative. So now I have to do more research and checking around. He told me to change soap, but that does not seem to be the case. I mean, why switch from 99% natural soap to Aveeno crud? (IMO Aveeno is overpriced and should not even say "Oatmeal Soap" since it is the last ingredient, therefore the least amount)
I am still using Bert's Bees and her rash is going away. It seems to come and go. She ate some pasta and pizza and it got redder. I am beginning to think acidic foods are causing it but she is not testing allergic to them. She has a sensitivity-but not a strong allergy maybe.

My poor girl. But she is excited to say "I am not allergic to anything! Not Strawberries, not chocolate milk, not watermelon or tomatoes"
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First Hair Cut

Lily got her first real hair cut. I did it myself, outside which was not as smart as I thought. She kept getting distracted by the dogs next door, the butterfly fluttering by, bugs, trees and everything else that would catch her eye.

Corey wanted it cut off for months now and I kept fighting it, I mean a little girl should have long silky hair, right? Sure! Except Lily never would keep hers in a pony tail, or leave her barrettes or headbands on. So she more often than not looked unkempt.

Here is the before-in her beloved Buzz Lightyear Jammies. (This was me brushing it so I could take the picture too)

This is now-she looks like a big girl now. I really do like it and think it suits her really well.

Also, I had to throw in the photo with Chloe's bald headed face covered in her first teething cookie.
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Random Truths

Did You Know...

1. The Bible, the world's best-selling book, is also the world's most shoplifted book.

2. Someone paid $14,000 for the bra worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film 'Some Like It Hot'.

3. Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.

4. More than 1,000 different languages are spoken on the continent of Africa.

5. In the U.S.A over eleven thousand people (up until the end of 2003) have visited a tortilla chip that appears to have the face of Jesus Christ burned into it?

6. A kiss lasting one minute can burn more than 30 calories.

7. Buckingham Palace in England has over six hundred rooms.

8. There was once an undersea post office in the Bahamas.

9. Abraham Lincoln's mother died when she drank the milk of a cow that grazed on poisonous snakeroot.

10. After the death of Albert Einstein his brain was removed by a pathologist and put in a jar for future study. Pin It

Monday, October 18, 2010

HAppy Birthday Lily!

Lily Turned the BIG THREE On 10/4/20101

We had an Ice Cream Party for her complete with
decorated cupcakes in cones so they looked like ice cream. We offered a smorgasbord of candy, sprinkles, cherries, whip cream and junk to add to bowls of ice cream. The kids played ice cream run, they made foam ice cream hangers and colored ice cream cones.
Although Chloe could not have any cake or goodies, she was very content spending the day outside looking at the fig tree.

I am sure each one was very happy and hyper. Some of the moms I talked to said their kids didn't fall asleep until about 11pm- SORRY! Surprisingly, the chocolate ice cream was not as big of a hit as the vanilla. In Fact, I think one child got Chocolate by accident!

Lily ate so much cake and ice cream over the weekend that she actually threw up in her sleep. Then she got into our bed with her puke hair. So we were up at 4 am giving her a bath and changing sheets. I'll know for next year to minimize the goodies.
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