Wednesday, April 13, 2011

baby shower pins

I am all about making useful items as give away treasures. I am not a big fan of taking home little cluttery trinkets just to remember that I was was somewhere; so when I was asked to bring the party favor for a shower, this is what I showed up with: Yes, they are pins for the "don't cross your legs/say baby/say the mom's name" game.
They are also magnets for holding items on the fridge
Or a chip clip
But they are also

Wooden Clothespins
strip of self adhesive magnets

First- paint your pins (these are pink I promise) When they are dry, flip them over and stick the magnets to the back. I used 2 because they were small and I did not want them falling off the fridge for the cat or dog to eat.
You can add the ribbon at the end, or before you get the magnets on, but the ribbon really made it stand out. I still have mine on the fridge and even thought about making more for chip clips to give away- maybe for Christmas.

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  1. I love these. I read this post before, but apparently didn't read the whole thing...but now you might just be getting some of these for Christmas :)