Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dirty diapers be gone

Lily is potty trained, finally!
This is the third day of her using big girl panties, the toilet and no accidents on the floor. Today, she used the potty twice to go poo. That is a big deal. I can see already that she is going to be one of those children who are not able to be coaxed into things. She weaned when she felt like it and now used the potty when she felt like it. She has been in pull ups for 2 months (total waste of money, they are useless for trainers) and just now decided she would use big girl panties like mom. The big test will come today when I drop her off at a friends for watching. Let's see if she can ride in the car to her house without peeing in the carseat.

No more diapers! No more diapers! Pin It

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jingle Bells

Can you believe we are halfway to Christmas already. I don't mean the actual day, but the festivities, the spirit, the decorating. Lily will be two this year, so cutting down a real tree will be much more fun. Last year was wonderful, but I am looking forward to seeing her pick out a tree and say "this one!".
I know it is only June and the mercury has only just risen to 100, but thinking about how quickly the days have gone by reminds me of just how much there is to do before Turkey and Gravy, Tinsel and Lights, and Fireworks bringing on 2010. Pin It

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Part Timer

Here goes nothing. I have an interview today at Target for a part time job. I don't want to leave Lily for 25 hours during the week, but we are really trying to get a house and right now we need to show more income during the month. If it is God's will, we can get in our own place before Thanksgiving. I know that it is all in his hands and Lily is in his hands too. It is just for a little while and I will probably miss her more than she will miss me. She is going to be playing at a friends house with two other girls she adores. She will probably be like "Momma who-I got Jurni and Sara".

I can do this. I can do this. I can. It's only temporary!
Think about the good things, like the Bible says. OK Lord, I can sacrifice for what's to come :) Pin It

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oooohhh that hurts

We had a wonderful, albeit late, Memorial Day BBQ at Landa Park this weekend. We had our church and the three other churches in our region there. Corey was a cooking maniac, throwing Chicken and Kabobs and Corn everywhere. I felt like a school girl watching him play softball too. I have never seen him participate in any sport besides rock climbing, so to watch him run the bases and hit the ball was so very attractive. I even told him that his huge strawberry from sliding home was hot! Then me and Grammy took Lily swimming. My arms are still aching from paddling all around. I must be out of shape, but it was refreshing to be able to get in the river again. I love New Braunfels and grew up there. It has been 10 years since I last visited Landa and it had changed so much. Gone were the numerous slides and playscapes, replaced by picnic tables and one large scape which we never tried out. I will say though, the pools make up for it! Pin It