Monday, March 21, 2011

When you gotta go

My cat has been in the habit of urinating on clothing. It started with the birth of Lily 3.5 years ago. When she was born, he started peeing in her room, her carpet, her carseat, even her crib once. After she started crawling I guess he got used to her and stopped peeing on her items.

Then came Chloe

And here we go again. He pees in their laundry basket, always on the dirty clothing. Recently he peed on a shirt Corey inadvertently left on the living room floor, it was dirty however and there was one of the girl's socks mixed in with it.
Well- the kicker (I say that because that's what he got when we discovered his recent pee pile) came when he peed on our BRAND NEW Ikea mattress on OUR BED!
I am infuriated and so very close to making him an out door cat for good. Of course I can't really do that because we adopted him and signed an agreements saying we could not put him outside or face a fine of $1500!
But come on - the bed...he peed on clean laundry on the bed. Of course it soaked all the way down, we just took off the mattress pad so it went right on to the new mattress itself too.

So this is the adventure of odor removal.
So far, we have:
rubbed baking soda on it: No go.
Step 2: 50/50 vinegar and water dousing. I'll blot it and add more baking soda. I need to put it in the sun to dry but me moving a queen mattress all by myself is silly and I am liable to break something in my path. (Call it a path of destruction)
Step 3: Vacuum with a NEW vac. Our old one was 8 years old and not going to cut it- it sucks, no wait...actually it doesn't.
*update* I got a new vacuum- The Hoover that says it works better than a dyson! WOW- there was loads of old dirt and fuzz in our carpet that the old vac was not getting.
The vinegar solution worked, but the mattress smells a bit sour like vinegar now. When we get a hot sunny day (like tomorrow) I am going to put some water on the spot and put it out to dry and get some UV sterilization.
HE also peed AGAIN and his litterbox was 3 feet from the bed. This time though, the topper was in place so it did not make it to the mattress. But now I don't know what to do to clean the topper, it is memory foam and won't go in the washer. I guess vinegar/sun/baking soda.
I am beginning to hate my cat.
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