Friday, March 11, 2011


My blogs are usually random things that are going on in my life, or things I found edible and interesting. I love reading my sister's blog-it is more of a truth searching mom trying to make it in a "modern" society blog. Her links really inspire me to dig deeper as a mother, a wife, a leader, a sister, a daughter, a woman.

I love that I am not the only woman out there appalled at the number of women "trying to make it is a man's world". It is encouraging to remember that there are mothers, working out of an in the home that still cherish good old-fashioned values, that make their own bread (even if only a few times a year), that love their husbands no matter what and discipline their children with stern love. In this world of highlights, high heels, acrylic nails and eyeliner (all of which I have or do wear) it is refreshing to see the woman underneath the temporal things.

Thanks Sis for reminding me of those things!
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