Saturday, January 21, 2012

End of the line

No, I am not loosing it, I am almost done baking this baby that's all. In less than 6 weeks, Finn should be here (unless he decides to be overdue, which is possible). In the last 2 days he has dropped which makes is so much easier to breathe, but makes standing and walking more painful as he is bumping and grinding everything in my lower region.

It is funny all the wives tales that come with each pregnancy. With Lily I was told - oh! you are gaining weight in your rear, it must be a boy. I gained weight head to toe, including 10 pounds of water weight that settled in my legs and feet and guess what: she is a GIRL.

With Chloe, I was told the same thing, and I carried her exactly the same, all the way around- I got wide before I got a belly and I had to take my ring off at 5 months and was in maternity clothing at 7 weeks because of bloat and wore only flat shoes after 5 months. Guess what- GIRL again.

This time however, the pregnancy was different; I could still wear my regular jeans, but they would not close over my belly. I am now 33.5 weeks and I still wear high heels and my wedding ring. I look the same as I did before pregnancy except I ate a watermelon that is protruding forward. I also can not wear any earrings right now, even the silver ones irritate my ears and I have mild heartburn all day long. Guess what: BOY...but none of the wives tales were true for me. 

I am wondering about labor. With Lily, I started very early labor at 5am with cramping, mild contractions  and some show. The cramping went on all day and labor started that evening. By 9pm I was contracting every 5 min, 1 min long. Lily was born at 4:24 am after 24 minutes of pushing. Straight up Textbook Labor.

Chloe kept us guessing however (pretty much her labor is like her personality)
Monday morning I had the same cramping and show that I had with Lily, so my MIL came for Lily thinking we were going to be in labor that day. After about 4 hours of contractions, they ended and nothing happened. My midwife told me to call her when I had 4 in a row that were really strong and I had to work with them...that I did not have. Tuesday morning at 3, they started again and woke me up. I was up rocking my ball timing contractions that were 3-6 minutes apart, lasting 60-90 seconds, but not really really strong. That went on for about 4 hours again and then stopped. So Corey and I went walking around, went to Kirby Lane Cafe for lunch and rested. 
Wednesday came with nothing major, except that it was 4/21 which equalled 7;  at church a guest pastor prophesied over Chloe that she would preach the word with conviction before her 7th birthday and he said there was more about the number 7 but we would have to pray about it and see. So we tried to stay busy and not get our hopes up. Around 12 I had more contractions so I went for a walk to see if they would stop (like they did the last 2 days) and they did not. They kept coming, and were seemingly more steady. We went to Central Market to pick up some stuff and sample food. I was contracting the whole time, but not too majorly. When we got home, I decided this was the day and we needed to go back to CM for some rehydration drinks that were on sale and protein bars because I figured labor would be long like with Lily. While there, I had 3 super hard contractions that made me stop and lean on DH- in the produce section, in the bread section and while checking out. I had 1 more when we got home so I called the Midwife, who came in about 45 minutes. When she got there she checked and asked how dilated I wanted to be (I was hoping at least 2-3 cm) she said "How about 7!". From there and feeling silly that I had called her "so early" Chloe was born 3 hours exactly 7pm.

So... what surprises does this little boy have for us. Stay tuned!

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