Sunday, March 4, 2012

Topponcino Sham

As promised, here is the sham or cover for the topponcino.

First, use your finished topponcino as the pattern. and place it over 2 layers of fabric. (1 yard folded in half) 
Make sure you have a 1/2" seam allowance. I trace it twice, once right at the topponcino so I know how big it is, then 1/2" out. I sew beween those marks because it needs to have dimension to cover the whole pillow, which is 3D really.

To make it more like a sham then a pillow case, you will need to make one of the 2 layers overlap itself by 1.5-2" (I think 2-3" would actually be better and will do that with the next one)
 Cut that longer/overlapped layer in half, then sew the edge in a seam. I made one seam 1/4" and one seam 1" just to make it look nicer. The larger seam will go over the smaller seam once turned right side out.

 Lay your (3) pieces together with RIGHT sides facing as if there were really only a front and a back. 
Remember that your split pieces should overlap each other, not match end to end.

This is how it will look, right sides together and whichever of the overlaps you want on the outside- put that one on the bottom.
 This is what I mean by tracing it twice; the inner line is the size of the actual pillow, the outer line is a seam allowance, then I sew in the middle of the two.
 (Um, make sure you put your pins the right way though- not like in the picture)

Sew around the entire thing with a regular straight stitch, then around again with a zig zag. (or if you have a serger- yeah, do that instead)

Flip it right side out, here is your pocket to insert the topponcino.

And here is the finished project, laying in the playpen.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your instructions. I made both a topponcino and several covers!