Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a...


When we went to get the ultrasound, the place we had the appointment at told us that they did not take our insurance. Of course they neglected to take down a current phone number so they were calling one I have not had in over 5 years. They also failed to ask what my insurance was.
So we left.
 (Like we were going to pay $450 cash for an ultrasound!)

I placed a call to Bluebonnet Imaging in Round Rock who got us in the next morning.
The place was small, but the staff was wonderful. The tech told us that she would tell us what she sees, it is was neat that she typed what she was looking at on the screen, so we knew what all the blobs were.

When she got to the "goods" she first stated that everything was flat so she was thinking it was a girl. Of course, we were hesitant to take that word. 
She kept looking because she wanted to be sure. When the baby moved over, the tech got really excited and said "OH! WAIT!" and backed up the screen shot. She asked if we saw the image on the screen, we did, and she told us that if it does not light up- it was NOT an umbilical cord.
So she put the pulse/blood measuring thing over it, and there was no color on it. 
She said "Not lighting up, you can paint the room blue"

We were so thrilled with the experience there and she said we can come back for free once to get another view of him. We did not get to see his face, so I am hoping for a nice profile shot!
We may also get the 3D, but Corey thinks it is creepy to see the sienna image of a squashed baby, so perhaps not.

I will try to upload the picture later, as Blogger is not liking me at the moment.
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