Monday, October 24, 2011

New Wake Up

I normally get the bulk whole bean Organic Coffee from Sunflower, which is a steal at $7.99/lb. They don't offer bulk at the HEB I was shopping at yesterday so I was stuck with other "options". There were the basic Starbucks brand, which looks like a decent deal until you realize the package they sell is only 12oz!
I almost gave up there when I discovered this brand-I say discovered because it had not been on the shelf there before, but I distinctly recall seeing this coffee before. Lo and behold, it is a local brand, grown in high altitude of Nicaragua, hand picked, then roasted here in Austin.

The taste rivals Starbucks, with that strong almost acidic taste.
 I guess that is from the local roasting (I am an Austinite and down for anything local).

My husband commented on the beans when he put them in the grinder, they were so oily they looked wet, I even rubbed a bit of the oil onto my fingers. In fact, I could smell the coffee as soon as he put it in the grinder, before he turned it on.
This is my new favorite: Fair Trade, deep flavor, localish, $6.99/lb

*Update* The HEB did a major overhaul and now offers bulk coffee, to top it off, they offer FARA'S different flavors and blend in bulk!
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