Friday, August 12, 2011

All my Gender Tests

So I wanted to try all the fun gender tests and while I am waiting for the post to deliver our Gendermaker gender test, I thought I would try the cabbage test
1) Cut a large chunk out of a purple cabbage (the directions say 1/2 but I don't like to waste)
2) Boil water and add the diced cabbage. Let boil for 10 minutes. (I used filtered water so as not to change the ph of the water itself and mess with the test)
This is what is will look like when you are done. The directions stated that the smaller you chop, the better the results will be, but I read that after I had already started boiling it.
3) Pour cabbage water in a glass and let cool.
4) You might as well let your urine cool too. (Yes, you will pour pee in a glass. Corey thought it was disgusting that I was using our good glasses, but that was the only clear glass we have.
Equal parts cabbage water to urine:
BOY: Lighter Reddish/Pinkish
GIRL: Dark Purple/Blue
The mixed product:
As an experiment I added cabbage water to more (clean) glasses and added baking soda to the one on the Left and Vinegar to the one on the Right
I KNOW this is all in good fun, but you have to admit, it was pretty fun and there could be some scientific basis to it considering purple cabbage has ph test qualities. It just needs to be determined if your ph in fact changes based on the gender of your baby, or are some moms more acidic/alkaline than others.


This is one of the newest tests on the market. You buy a little test that looks like a dollar store pregnancy test and you drop some pee in it, then wait for it to turn pink/blue/purpleish.

So, I took the test TWICE, and both times I got the same result:
Needless to say, I am so curious to know what the baby will be. We are hoping for a boy- and this pregnancy has been completely different from the last two, so maybe so!
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