Friday, July 29, 2011

You and me and baby is three

As in this is the 3rd Baby!

Yes, you read it correctly, we are surprisingly expecting another child.

This was not planned, not though out and came as a shock. But who are we to question God? We are hoping for a little boy this time (the last time). Lily has been saying she is having a baby brother for 6 months I am blaming her for speaking us into this! She will be such a great big sister, as will Chloe.

It is hard to think of Chloe as having to be a big girl since she is still so small, she mutters little words but is not nearly as easy to understand as Lily. I think that has to do with the prophetic word spoken over her that before she is able to speak she would be used by God to heal people. Maybe she will take longer to be a chatterbox (or at least not in baby speak) but God is going to use her in that time!

The 3rd time around you really feel different, or at least I did for the first 4 weeks. I was queasy and tired. 8 weeks is a little better, but I can't fit in anything. With the girls, my hips were the first to grow but this time, I have a bloated big belly that does not allow me to button my pants.

This is around 4 weeks, or when I found out (I had JUST lost 5 more pounds too)

And this was at 8 weeks EEK!

I guess I am going to get really big fast, but hopefully I will only get a belly this time and not a big bottom too!

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