Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blooms and Eggs

What a beautiful spring we have been having. The rains of fall and the roaring of March has given us numerous wildflowers this year. We were finally able to take some great pictures of Lily in the Bluebonnets. We found a spot by the church at Mopac and Bee Caves. You can park in the church lot and walk over the hill to the side by the on ramp. There were some fairly flat spots where the bonnets had been laid on, but you can't tell once you get the flowers all around.
The fragrance of the field was heavenly. It is so neat just to think about how much love God puts into each flower and tree.
How can you not take photos of a child this adorable?

Susie got a good picture of us together. Lily did not want to sit long, she enjoyed going up and down the hill.

Easter was green and blue and yellow and red like I have not seen in a long time. The last few years have been sparse at best with the flower production. Lily hunted eggs at church with her friends in her silky white dress made by her Nana for a Sweet 16 party she was the princess in.
I just adorned it in yellow to make it more Seasonal

Corey went to church at 8am for Pastor's Prayer Partners while I slowly drug my pregnant self out of bed and fixed Lily and I breakfast. We hid her basket until he came back home. I think he was more excited about the candy than she was!
Of course she got her share of cupcake icing on the white dress so we had to swap it to take pictures of her hunting eggs at our house with her Grammy.
She had to stop hunting eggs to pick a few "blow 'ems" in the yard-and the neighbor's yard. I don't think they would miss them much as they only mow twice a year anyway.
Daddy and her polished this one off together.
1-2-3 jump spot of the tree. It was a real egg too, I think he was trying to sabotage them so I would not get the chance to store them in the fridge to eat during the week.
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