Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seriously- any day now, any hour now

Miss. Chloe has decided to make us wait, and get anxious and wait. I started having contractions on Sunday morning, which dwindled into nothing by 10am. So Corey and I missed church expecting labor to commence. Yesterday I awoke at 6 am with deep contractions and bloody show. Of course, I was extremely excited because that is how I expected labor to start, as was my experience with Lily. Lo and Behold, nothing happened until about 4pm.

After a good nap with Lily, the contractions started up and went on for hours, becoming more tense and lasting about a minute. As soon as I called the midwife at 8 and we called Grammy to come get Lily however, they stopped. Mary (the midwife) said they may start again in the middle of the night after some rest. Sure enough, at 2:30 I woke up to contractions that would not stop. They came about every 6-10 minutes and lasted a good 60 seconds each. I got up and watched TV. I discovered there is not much on at 3am without cable. I finally roused Corey at 4:30 and we went for a walk. After he had been caffeinated of course. As soon as we stepped foot back in the house, everything came to a halt. Mary told me to rest because active (real) labor will come like a flood, but there is no way of knowing the hour or the day. Since I am still having bloody show on and off, that means something is giving way down there during these few contractions.

So we are going to pop some popcorn, put on a movie and relax with some acupressure and snuggling on the couch and see if "Lil Miss" decides to be born tonight.
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