Monday, March 22, 2010

Chloe's Party

Femia, Angelica, Angelita and Angie all came together to throw me a party to welcome Chloe. Tyneshia, who is a culinary graduate, made me the coolest looking baby shower cake ever. It was as delish as it was pretty- Corey took one bite and his eyes widened. He immediately told me to call Tyneshia to let her know that was the best thing he had even put in his mouth. Lily ate all the balls of fondant off of it and kept calling them chocolate.

Here are the booties that were sitting on the very top.

They were so cute, but didn't taste very good!
Most of the women in my family were there, my sisters, my mom, step-mom, mother-in law, aunt and grandma and even my big sister's mother in law. This was almost like a mini reunion as my older sister has not seen our younger sister before, or our grandma and aunt in 25 years. All the cousins played together in the yard and had a great time. This time, Cash wasn't out numbered because he had Jack on his side!
I got yelled at for holding both toddlers at once. My mom said she didn't want a call at 2 am saying I had gone into labor from picking up Cash too. And Jack was not happy about being asked to come in from playing to take dumb pictures.

One of the best things about a shower will always be the games. My step-mom had to eat baby food along with some of the gals from church. My mom got fed vanilla pudding by a lady in a blind fold. They actually did really well with their communication so my mom didn't get messy. Mimi however, got it all over her face and hair because she was laughing and moving around!

And of course, everyone had to see how big I was. 12 squares- I think 3 people got it right on, and there were a few 18-20 guesses too!

I had a wonderful time and felt all the love directed to Chloe. She made out with adorable outfits, blankets, a bag, some yummy Burt's Bees baby care and lots of diapers.

Thank you to everyone who thought of us!

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