Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Hair Cut

Lily got her first real hair cut. I did it myself, outside which was not as smart as I thought. She kept getting distracted by the dogs next door, the butterfly fluttering by, bugs, trees and everything else that would catch her eye.

Corey wanted it cut off for months now and I kept fighting it, I mean a little girl should have long silky hair, right? Sure! Except Lily never would keep hers in a pony tail, or leave her barrettes or headbands on. So she more often than not looked unkempt.

Here is the before-in her beloved Buzz Lightyear Jammies. (This was me brushing it so I could take the picture too)

This is now-she looks like a big girl now. I really do like it and think it suits her really well.

Also, I had to throw in the photo with Chloe's bald headed face covered in her first teething cookie.
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