Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day sure smells good

I have no idea where he pulled the money from but Corey got me the most wonderful Mother's Day gift. It is a fitting gift since I am the mom of a toddler and an infant and we are the family of a cat and a dog as well.
With the litter box and the diapers and the cloth diapers and toddler messes, the house can get a bit funky at times. I go through so many Glade plugins which are limited in their scents and seem to only last 3 weeks and cost $4 each. I recently read that they are also contributors of VOCs in the air, which is not healthy for our family but I never got around to trying to refill them with essential oils.
So Corey gets me a Scentsy!

It's not a candle-it's not a plug in...
it's both!
The unit plugs into the wall and warms the scented wax which melts and makes the house smell fantastic in about 10 minutes. There are no burning candles and we can turn it on and off at our leisure to save the smell.
Plus when guest are coming over, it quickly disperses the smell through the living room so we can welcome with any fragrance we choose. (And there are 80 to choose from, but we are stuck on Satin Sheets)

The only bummer is that I only have one so far- But we are working on one for our room and a wall outlet one for the bathroom as well.
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