Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How now brown cow?

Today it feels like Summer. The sun rays are shining, the mercury rising. Then the thought occurs to me- 'Aww man, it's bathing suit season'. As much as I want a nice golden tan, I am just not pool or beach ready. I wonder how much thinner I could be by August, in time to hit up the beach when all the kids are back in school.
I'm glad for the nice cover ups and trendy two-piece suits that cover all rather than bare it. I'm sure Corey would prefer I wear a itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny- yellow polka dot bikini. Sorry babe, last year's suit is pretty teeny since I out grew it!
I wish our yard had a privacy fence all the way around it, then I could venture out in the sun with Lily in my suit in the pool and not feel like eyes were on me. You know how lighter colors reflect light? Well, if you stare directly at my stomach in the middle of summer, you will be blinded by the light refracting.
Although, I never see the neighbors outside except at 2 am, and there is no sun then! Maybe I could steal away some sunlight and achieve the illusion of being tone. I saw a billboard once that summed it up: Fat looks better tan.
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