Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going Green

Not the Green you're thinking of- we are already eco-friendly.

We have always been a healthy family but have gotten off track and started indulging in more processed, cooked and sugary foods that are "quick". This means lots of bread (albeit whole grain) and for the holidays, pies, cakes, cookies and the like.
For Christmas we got a one cup smoothie maker and the book "Green Smoothie Revolution". The book peaked my interest in health again and to see if we can actually consume 8 servings of fruits and greens- raw...daily.
Today was my first batch of green smoothies. Mine was made with mango, banana and purple kale. It was super tasty and I felt full from it and took less than 3 minutes, including clean up.

When the girls got up, I made them "monkey smoothies" which was spinach, banana and apple, with the peel intact. They turned a really bright green which promoted the question from Lily

"Why is this green?".

It reminded me of a book I read as a kid where this little boy hated veggies, or at least the green ones so a scientist found a way to turn his veggies different colors
and he loved them all.
So I put her smoothie in her new Santa cup with a straw so she could not see it, only slurp up the tasty goodness.

Chloe had a TBS and cried for more. I gave her 1 more TBS and she still was not sated. I didn't want to over do the raw greens and have it come out in her diaper though.

Once Corey gets home, I'll fix him up one too and see what he thinks.
This may be the beginning of something beautiful (and I hear I may lose some weight too)

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