Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 months to go

I hit 31 weeks yesterday so in just 5 weeks we will be full term with possibly 3 more weeks left until Chloe is here. We are so excited for her arrival, as is Lily. Big sister picks out things that are too small for her and tells me very matter of fact that "this is for baby Sister".

Amanda and Aaron King welcomed their first baby, Fifer Lee on Valentines day and Lily was in awe of her. Seeing a teeny tiny adorable baby made it more real that we are going to have one of our own very very soon. It also reminded me of how quickly they grow as I watched Lily talking to everyone she met for the first time with no hint of shyness.

Corey still comments on just how much pink we have in the closet of their room. I am sure he made the same comment when it was just Lily we were expecting.
One day God will give us some blue to balance out all the pink in the house- but for now, daddy will just have to enjoy his tea parties. Although he does love to teach Lily to spit off bridges. I think it is more fun for him to teach a girl to do gross things then for a boy to pick it up.

Daddy's girls they are. Pin It

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