Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 was ok, but 2010 is destined for greatness. We have so much to give and do and try and see this next year. We have plans and God has better plans.
We broke in the New Year at the Victory Outreach Austin TX Motown & Oldies Review Show.
Corey was John Fogerty and sang a remix of "Fortunate Son". He did so great and the church had never really heard him sing before so they were amazed and went nuts when he started. The entire night was fun and entertaining and a great way to ring in the the New Year. We even had Evangelist Fernando there, who is always a treat and a blessing to us.

Lily and I spent the 1st day of the year with Grandma and Grandpa and we ate the customary black-eyed peas, along with stuffing from Thanksgiving and sweet potatoes. We cooked the chicken, the whole chicken in the Microwave in about 40 minutes. Grandma was trying out a new Pampered Chef stoneware set and was told the directions, so we gave it a try and decided we would blame the direction giver (Aunt Nancy) if nothing came out right. We stuffed it with an onion and some celery and fresh Rosemary from the yard. That was one of the best chickens I have ever tasted and it came out so quick! So, we learned something new in the New Year!
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