Monday, October 12, 2009

any cheese with that swine?

Corey got a cold that lasted more than a few days and since he works at a hospital, they strongly suggested that he go to the doctor. The initial diagnosis was an upper respiratory infection, but the nurse returned to say he had a slight positive for the flu. Yes, H1N1. His fever never broke 101 and he never got vomiting or anything like that. Had we Googled Tamiflu before spending $90 on medication, we would have treated it the old fashioned way, with chicken noodle soup and some Vitamin C. The medication itself is worthless if you don't start it within 48 hours. Why the doctor did not disclose that fact is a bit baffling. So Lily and I got the bed to ourselves while Corey suffered the night on the couch (suffering due to the couch being leather and therefore not very breathable).
He starts back to work tomorrow, and will be sure to let his boss know that she caused him to use all his paid time off because she refused to cover her mouth when she coughed when she was working with the flu.
Lily and I have been punctual with our vitamins so we didn't catch the better believe Corey will take his supplements from now on!

Deadly- no, time consuming- yes and the medication- worthless and it made Corey super tired.
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