Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Color Color Color

It's 8:30 am and I am in an out of sleep. I know Lily is in the room because she closed the bedroom door. I figure she is safe from getting into anything harmful and the computer is shut off. I feel her leaning against me and hear in the softest voice "color color color" and when I open my eyes I see it- green sharpie! All over the cream colored 400 thread count sheets and pillowcases. All over Lily and even on me. I jump up and tell her she is in trouble and ask where the lid is. She looks around with her hands up and says "uhhhh?" I return the sharpie to it's hiding spot and she proudly presents the lid-"here!" I spray the sheets with Oxyclean- no avail. I google "sharpie removal" I have none of the remedies called for.
Corey gets home and puts on his good jeans- "why is there marker on my jeans?" So I tell him the story and what I need to get...he says " oh, I have rubbing alcohol in my shop"

Now to find where he hid the alcohol. Pin It

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